List of Virtues



                    Ability - a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment

                    Acceptance - a disposition to tolerate or accept people or situations

                    Acuity - keenness of hearing, sight, or intellect

                    Affability - good-natured, friendly, and easy to talk to

                    Altruism - the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others

                    Appreciation - understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something

                    Assiduousness - showing persistent and hard-working effort in doing something

                    Assertiveness - aggressive self-assurance; given to making bold assertions

                    Attentiveness - the trait of being observant and paying attention

                    Autonomy - immunity from arbitrary exercise of authority; political independence

                    Awareness - the ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects or patterns


                    Balance - the ability to remain poised; to give equal attention to all things; to be fair

                    Beauty - the qualities that give pleasure to the senses

                    Benevolence - an inclination to do kind or charitable acts


                    Candor - the ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty

                    Caring - feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others

                    Caution - judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger

                    Charity - a kindly and lenient attitude toward people

                    Chastity - abstaining from sexual relations

                    Cleanliness - the habit of keeping free of superficial imperfections

                    Commitment - the trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose

                    Compassion - the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it

                    Confidence - freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities

                    Conscientiousness - the trait of being painstaking and careful

                    Consideration - the process of giving careful thought to something

                    Contentment - happiness with one’s situation in life

                    Cooperativeness - amenability: the trait of working well with others

                    Courage - a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear

                    Courteousness - exhibiting politeness and gracious good manners

                    Creativity - a mental and social process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts

                    Curiosity - a state in which you want to learn more about something


                    Daring - courage combined with a willingness to take risks or attempt difficult or unconventional things

                    Dauntlessness - resolute courageousness; not to be daunted or intimidated; fearless; intrepid; bold

                    Dependability - worthy of reliance or trust; consistent in performance or behavior

                    Detachment - cool-headed withdrawal; avoiding emotional involvement

                    Determination - the quality of being driven to do or achieve something; firmness of purpose

                    Diligence - conscientiousness in paying proper attention to a task; giving the degree of care required in a given situation

                    Discernment - understanding; the mental ability to discriminate between like things

                    Discretion - knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress

                    Dutifulness - piety by virtue of devotion; the willingness to be obedient out of a sense of moral obligation and/or respect


                    Empathy - understanding and entering into another’s feelings

                    Encouragement - the expression of approval and support

                    Endurance - the power to withstand hardship or stress

                    Enthusiasm - exuberance; overflowing with eager enjoyment or approval

                    Equanimity - composure; steadiness of mind under stress

                    Equity - conformity to rules or standards

                    Erudite - characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly; educated; knowledgeable; wise, sapient

                    Excellence - possessing good qualities in high degree


                    Fairness - ability to make judgments based on predetermined standards with honesty

                    Faithfulness - the quality of being steadfast in affection or allegiance

                    Fastidiousness - the trait of being painstakingly careful about matters of taste or style

                    Fidelity - faithfulness to one’s duties; loyalty

                    Fitness - to be in good physical condition

                    Flexibility - the quality of being adaptable or variable

                    Focus - the concentration of attention or energy on something

                    Foresight - providence by virtue of planning prudently for the future

                    Forgiveness - compassionate feelings that support a willingness to excuse a mistake or offense

                    Fortitude - strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage

                    Friendliness - a feeling of liking for another person; enjoyment in their company; agreeableness


                    Generosity - the trait of being willing to give your money or time

                    Gentleness - acting in a manner that is mild and even-tempered

                    Goodness - moral excellence or admirableness

                    Graciousness - full of tact, kindness, and politeness


                    Happiness - state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy

                    Health - the state of well-being free from disease

                    Helpfulness - friendliness evidence by a kindly and helpful disposition

                    Heroism - remarkable physical or moral courage

                    Honesty - not disposed to cheat or defraud; dependable; to be frank

                    Honor - an objectification of praiseworthiness, respect

                    Hopefulness - aspirant; to wish for or desire something, regardless of the likelihood of its occurrence

                    Hospitality - cordial reception; kindness in welcoming guests or strangers

                    Humility - a disposition to be humble; a lack of false pride

                    Humor - the use of ingenuity or verbal skill or incongruity to evoke laughter


                    Idealism - the quality of believing that things should be pursued to their most perfect form

                    Imagination - the ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems; the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses

                    Impartiality - an inclination to weigh both views or opinions equally

                    Independence - freedom from control or influence of another or others

                    Industriousness - persevering determination to perform a task

                    Ingenuity - the process of applying ideas to solve problems or meet challenges

                    Innocence - the state of being unsullied by sin or moral wrong; lacking a knowledge of evil

                    Insightfulness - shrewdness shown by keen, deep perception

                    Integrity - moral soundness

                    Intuition - instinctive knowing (without the use of rational processes)

                    Inventiveness - the power of creative imagination; the mental faculty to create something new


                    Judiciousness - showing wisdom, good sense, or discretion, often with the underlying objective of avoiding trouble or waste

                    Justice - using right or fair judgment, especially involved in the determination of rights and the assignment of rewards and punishments


                    Kindness - the quality of being warmhearted and considerate and humane and sympathetic

                    Knowledgeable - thoroughly acquainted through study or experience


                    Lovingness - the ability to feel or show affection

                    Loyalty - to bind oneself completely; allegiance


                    Meekness - the feeling of patient, submissive humbleness

                    Mercy - leniency and compassion shown toward offenders by a person or agency charged with administering justice

                    Meticulousness - taking extreme care with details

                    Moderation - the quality of avoiding extremes and excesses

                    Modesty - freedom from vanity or conceit; formality and propriety of manner

                    Morality - concern for the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong


                    Neatness - having an orderly and clean condition; the state of being neat and trim

                    Nonviolence - rejecting the use of physical violence; passive acceptance of oppression amid the struggle against it

                    Nurturing - the quality of desiring another to grow as a person; motherly


                    Obedience - dutiful or submissive behavior with respect to another person

                    Openness - an attitude of ready accessibility (especially about one’s actions or purposes); to be without concealment; not secretive

                    Optimism - a general disposition to expect the best in all things


                    Patience - good-natured tolerance of delay or incompetence

                    Peacefulness - to be in a state that is calm and tranquil

                    Perceptiveness - possessing or showing keen insight and understanding

                    Preciseness - very careful about small details, especially of correct behavior

                    Perseverance - to be persistent; continuing or repeating behavior

                    Persistence - the quality of continuing steadily despite problems or difficulties

                    Perspicacity - intelligence manifested by being astute (as in business dealings); the capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions

                    Philanthropy - voluntary promotion of human welfare

                    Philomath – a lover of learning and study

                    Piety - religious devotion or to spirituality; righteousness

                    Potential - to possess the inherent capacity for coming into being

                    Prudence - discretion in practical affairs

                    Punctiliousness - very careful about the conventions of correct behavior and etiquette

                    Purity - to lack sin or dilution

                    Purposefulness - the quality of having meaning through having an aim

                    Prayerfulness - to be devout; to cultivate a relationship with God


                    Refinement - to achieve a highly-developed state of perfection; the quality of excellence in thought and manners and taste

                    Reliable - able to be trusted to do what is expected or has been promised

                    Remembrance - the ability to recall past occurrences

                    Respectfulness - courteous regard for people’s feelings; one who feels or manifests veneration

                    Reverence - to have a profound respect for someone or something, almost to the point of fearfulness

                    Resilience - the positive ability to adapt, to rebound, to cope with catastrophic failure or obstacles

                    Responsibility (moral & social) - a form of trustworthiness; the trait of being answerable to someone for something for one’s conduct

                    Restraint - discipline in personal and social activities

                    Righteousness - always behaving according to a religious or moral code


                    Self-awareness - awareness of your own individuality

                    Self-confidence - belief of one’s own power, judgment, ability, etc.

                    Self-discipline - control of oneself; willpower

                    Self-reliance - the capacity to rely on one’s own capabilities, and to manage one’s own affairs

                    Self-respect - the knowledge of one’s own worth, valuing one’s self

                    Selflessness - the quality of not putting yourself first but being willing to give your time or money or effort etc.

                    Sensitivity - to be aware of an empathetic to the emotions of others

                    Service - an act of help or assistance

                    Sharing - using or enjoying something jointly with others

                    Sincerity - the quality of being open and truthful; not deceitful or hypocritical; earnestness

                    Skillfulness - the learned capacity to carry out pre-determined results often with the minimum outlay of time, energy, or both

                    Spirituality - concern with things of the soul, or of God; reverence

                    Sternness - uncompromising resolution

                    Strength - the property of being physically or mentally strong

                    Sympathy - an inclination to support or be loyal to or to agree with an opinion


                    Tactfulness - the ability to have consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense

                    Temperance - the trait of avoiding excesses

                    Tenacity - to be good at remembering; to be stubbornly unyielding

                    Thankfulness - to be grateful as a positive emotion or attitude toward others in acknowledgment of a benefit on has received or will receive from another

                    Thoroughness - conscientiousness in performing all aspects of a task; attention to detail

                    Thoughtfulness - to possess the ability for calm, lengthy, intent consideration

                    Trustworthiness - someone in whom one can place one’s trust and rest assured that the trust will not be betrayed

                    Truthfulness - honesty, good faith, and sincerity in general; agreement with fact or reality in particular


                    Understanding - the ability to think about and use concepts to deal adequately with an object

                    Unity - an undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting


                    Valor - exceptional or heroic courage when facing danger

                    Vivaciousness - exhibiting or characterized by liveliness and high-spiritedness


                    Welcoming - providing a warm and friendly environment for guests or strangers

                    Wholesomeness - the quality of being beneficial and generally good

                    Wisdom - accumulated knowledge or erudition or enlightenment

                    Work - the ability to exert oneself by doing mental or physical work for a purpose or out of necessity





List of Vices



                    Addiction - a state of physiological or psychological dependence on a potentially harmful drug

                    Adultery - voluntary sexual relations between a married person and somebody other than his or her spouse

                    Aggression - threatening behavior or actions

                    Alcoholism - dependence on alcohol consumption to an extent that adversely affects social and work-related functioning and produces withdrawal symptoms when intake is stopped or greatly reduced

                    Anger - a strong feeling of grievance and displeasure

                    Antagonism - hostility or hatred causing opposition and ill will

                    Arrogance - the act of feeling or showing self-importance and contempt or disregard for others

                    Avarice - an unreasonably strong desire to obtain and keep money


                    Bias - an unfair preference for or dislike of something

                    Bigotry - when somebody with strong opinions, especially on politics, religion, or ethnicity, who refuses to accept different views

                    Boastfulness - to refer immodestly to possessions or achievements

                    Bragging - to talk with excessive pride about an achievement or possession

                    Brutality - unrelentingly harsh and severe; extremely ruthless or cruel


                    Callousness - showing no concern that other people are or might be hurt or upset

                    Chauvinism - unreasoning, overenthusiastic, or aggressive loyalty to a particular gender, group, or cause

                    Cheating - to deceive or mislead somebody, especially for personal advantage

                    Conceit - a high opinion of your own qualities or abilities, especially one that is not justified

                    Condescension - behavior that implies that somebody is graciously lowering himself or herself to the level of people less important or intelligent

                    Corruption - dishonest exploitation of power for personal gain; extreme immorality or depravity

                    Covetousness - to have a strong desire to possess something that belongs to somebody else

                    Cowardice - an absence of courage

                    Crabbiness - a disposition to be ill-tempered; irritable in character

                    Crankiness - disagreeable and easily irritated or annoyed

                    Craziness - not showing good sense or practicality; one affected by a psychiatric disorder

                    Cruelty - deliberately and remorselessly causing pain or anguish; bringing about pain and distress

                    Cupidity - greed, especially for money or possessions


                    Decadence - a state of uninhibited immoral self-indulgence

                    Deceitfulness - intentionally misleading or fraudulent

                    Dementedness - completely unreasonable or lacking any sense of the consequences of actions taken; affected by the loss of intellectual functions

                    Depressive - to make somebody feel very sad or hopeless

                    Despairing - somebody that makes somebody else feel hopeless or exasperated; to feel there is no hope

                    Discourtesy - behavior or an action that is bad-mannered or impolite

                    Dishonesty - the use of lies or deceit, or the tendency to be deceitful

                    Disloyalty - a lack of loyalty to a person, vow, organization, or state

                    Disrespect - total contempt; to treat another with disregard

                    Doubt - to feel unconvinced or uncertain about something, or think that something is unlikely


                    Egoism - the practice of making personal welfare and interests a primary or sole concern, sometimes at the expense of others

                    Envy - the resentful or unhappy feeling of wanting somebody else’s success, good fortune, qualities, or possessions

                    Erratic - not predictable, regular, or consistent, especially in being likely to depart from expected standards at any time

                    Extremism - the holding of radical political or religious views or the taking of extreme actions on the basis of those views


                    Faithlessness - not believing in a religious faith; not to be trusted or relied on

                    Falseness - done with or having the intention of deceiving somebody; treacherous

                    Fanaticism - a holder of extreme or irrational enthusiasms or beliefs, especially in religion or politics

                    Fearfulness - nervous and easily frightened

                    Foolishness - showing, or resulting from, a lack of good sense or judgment

                    Fussiness - an irritable petulant feeling; unnecessary elaborateness in details


                    Glumness - quietly melancholic or miserable; gloomy ill-tempered

                    Gluttony - the act or practice of eating and drinking to excess; to do anything to the point of wastefulness

                    Greed - an overwhelming desire to have more of something such as money than is actually needed

                    Grouchiness - easily upset; angry; tending to complain; habitually bad-tempered and irritable person

                    Grumpiness - a fussy and eccentric disposition; bad-tempered or sullen


                    Hastiness - to do things or act in a hurry because of impetuosity or lack of time

                    Hatred - a feeling of intense hostility towards somebody or something

                    Haughtiness - behaving in a superior, condescending, or arrogant way

                    Heartlessness - having or showing no pity or kindness

                    Hedonism - a devotion, especially a self-indulgent one, to pleasure and happiness as a way of life

                    Hubris - excessive pride or arrogance

                    Hypocrite - somebody who pretends to have admirable principles, beliefs, or feelings but behaves otherwise

                    Hysteria - being impossible to hold back or control; to be afflicted with a state of extreme or exaggerated emotion such as excitement or panic, especially among large numbers of people


                    Idiocy - extreme lack of intelligence or foresight

                    Idleness - lazy and unwilling to work

                    Impatience - tending to be annoyed at being kept waiting or by being delayed; unable to tolerate a particular thing and easily annoyed by it

                    Impetuosity - to act on the spur of the moment, without considering the consequences

                    Inanity - meaninglessness or senselessness that suggests a lack of understanding or intelligence

                    Incompetence - lacking the skills, qualities, or ability to do something properly

                    Indolence - lethargic and not showing any interest or making any effort

                    Infidelity - unfaithfulness or disloyalty, especially to a sexual partner

                    Inflexibility - firmly established and impossible to change; adhering firmly and stubbornly to a viewpoint or principle

                    Injustice - unfair or unjust treatment of somebody, or an instance of this

                    Insanity - extreme foolishness, or an act that demonstrates such foolishness

                    Insolence - showing a malicious or aggressive lack of deference in speech or behavior; the quality of being boldly rude or disrespectful

                    Intemperance - having or showing a lack of self-control, especially in expressing feelings or satisfying physical desires

                    Irritability - easily annoyed or exasperated; extremely sensitive, especially to aggravation


                    Jealousy - to feel bitter and unhappy because of another’s advantages, possessions, or luck; to feel suspicious about a rival’s or competitor’s influence, especially in regard to a loved one


                    Languor - a pleasant feeling of weariness or weakness; listlessness and indifference in speech or behavior

                    Lavishness - given or produced in abundance or to excess

                    Laziness - unwilling to do any work or make an effort

                    Lethargy - a state of physical slowness and mental dullness resulting from tiredness, disease, or drugs

                    Lewdness - inclined to, characterized by, or inciting to lust or lechery; lascivious; obscene or indecent; salacious

                    Liar - someone who does not tell the truth

                    Licentiousness - pursuing desires aggressively and selfishly, unchecked by morality, especially in sexual matters

                    Lunacy - behavior that is regarded as unintelligent, inconsiderate, or misguided, or an example of it

                    Lust - the strong physical desire to have sex with somebody, usually without associated feelings of love or affection


                    Madness - rash or thoughtless behavior

                    Malice - the intention or desire to cause harm or pain to somebody; or to wish for someone to feel pain

                    Manipulative - using clever, devious ways to control or influence somebody or something

                    Melancholic - feeling or tending to feel a thoughtful or gentle sadness

                    Mercilessness - very harsh in the judgment and treatment of others; showing no compassion toward somebody or something; to continue at a high level of violence or unpleasantness without pause or relief

                    Moroseness - deep sadness; showing a brooding ill humor

                    Moodiness - having temperamental and changeable moods; tending to change mood unpredictably from cheerful to bad-tempered

                    Murderous - capable of, guilty of, or likely to commit murder


                    Narcissism - excessive self-admiration and self-centeredness; overestimation of one’s own appearance and abilities and an excessive need for admiration


                    Obduracy - stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing; not repentant

                    Obsessive - a particular action or thing occupies one’s thoughts constantly and exclusively; worrying compulsively about something or things generally

                    Obstinacy - stubbornly adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course, usually with implied unreasonableness

                    Offensiveness - causing anger, resentment, or moral outrage, sometimes to the point of physical repugnance


                    Perversion - deviating greatly from what is accepted as right, normal, or proper, relating specifically to sexual activities considered unusual or unacceptable

                    Petulance - ill-tempered or sulky in a peevish manner

                    Pitilessness - showing no mercy or compassion for the suffering of others

                    Pomposity - an excessive sense of self-importance, usually displayed through exaggerated seriousness or stateliness in speech and manner

                    Pride - a haughty attitude shown by somebody who believes, often unjustifiably, that he or she is better than others

                    Prejudice - an unfounded hatred, fear, or mistrust of a person or group, especially one of a particular religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual preference, or social status

                    Preposterousness - going very much against what is thought to be sensible or reasonable

                    Pretentiousness - acting as though more important or special than is warranted, or appearing to have an unrealistically high self-image

                    Profligacy - extremely extravagant or wasteful

                    Promiscuity - behavior characterized by casual and indiscriminate sexual intercourse, often with many people


                    Rage - sudden and extreme anger

                    Rashness - acting with, resulting from, or characteristic of thoughtless, impetuous behavior

                    Recklessness - marked by a lack of thought about danger or other possible undesirable consequences

                    Resentfulness - annoyed or bitter about having been badly treated, or characterized by such a feeling of annoyance

                    Rowdiness - a rough and noisy person who often causes disturbances

                    Rudeness - disagreeable or discourteous in manner or action; offensive to accepted standards of decency

                    Ruthlessness - having or showing no pity or mercy


                    Secrecy - unwillingness to reveal information

                    Self-importance - an unrealistically high evaluation of your own importance or worth

                    Self-indulgence - lack of self-control in pursuing your own pleasure or satisfaction

                    Self-pity - the self-indulgent belief that your life is harder and sadder than everyone else’s

                    Selfishness - concerned with your own interests, needs, and wishes while ignoring those of others

                    Senselessness - apparently or really without purpose or meaning; demonstrating a lack of reason and intelligence

                    Short-Sightedness - doing or determining without taking the future into account

                    Sloth - a dislike of work or any kind of physical exertion

                    Snobbishness - displaying an offensively superior condescending manner

                    Spite - a malicious, usually small-minded desire to harm or humiliate somebody

                    Stingy - not generous in giving or spending money

                    Stubbornness - unreasonably and obstructively determined to persevere or prevail

                    Sulkiness - a sullen moody resentful disposition; in a bad mood and refusing to communicate because of resentment for a real or imagined grievance

                    Sullenness - dourly disposition; showing bad temper or hostility by a refusal to talk, behave sociably, or cooperate cheerfully


                    Tetchiness - oversensitive and easily upset or annoyed

                    Thieving - to steal something, or steal things

                    Thoughtlessness - showing a lack of planning or forethought; showing a lack of consideration for other people or for consequences

                    Treasonous - one willing to betray the allegiance owed by somebody to his or her own country

                    Triteness - one who overuses common phrases or conversation topics and consequently makes them lack in interest or originality

                    Tricky - likely to cheat or outwit somebody

                    Twisted - morally unacceptable; badly affected by unpleasant experiences or constant disappointment


                    Unfaithfulness - engaging in sexual relations with somebody other than a spouse or partner; untrue to commitments, duties, beliefs, or ideals

                    Unloving - not giving or reciprocating affection

                    Untrustworthiness - the trait of not deserving trust or confidence


                    Vainglory - excessive pride in or boastfulness about personal abilities or achievements

                    Vanity - excessive pride, especially in personal appearance

                    Vengeful - having or showing a strong desire for revenge

                    Voracity - unusually eager or enthusiastic about an activity


                    Wastefulness - using resources unwisely

                    Weakness - lack of strength, power, or determination

                    Wildness - overwhelmed by a strong emotion such as anger, grief, or desire; not tame; living or having lived in the wilderness

                    Wrath - strong anger, often with a desire for revenge


                    Zealousness - actively and unreservedly enthusiastic to the point of fervor





List of Phobias



Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing.

Acarophobia- Fear of itching or of the insects that cause itching.

Acerophobia- Fear of sourness.

Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.

Acousticophobia- Fear of noise.

Acrophobia- Fear of heights.

Aerophobia- Fear of drafts, air swallowing, or airbourne noxious substances.

Aeroacrophobia- Fear of open high places.

Aeronausiphobia- Fear of vomiting secondary to airsickness.

Agateophobia- Fear of insanity.

Agliophobia- Fear of pain.

Agoraphobia- Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places like markets. Fear of leaving a safe place.

Agraphobia- Fear of sexual abuse.

Agrizoophobia- Fear of wild animals.

Agyrophobia- Fear of streets or crossing the street.

Aichmophobia- Fear of needles or pointed objects.

Ailurophobia- Fear of cats.

Albuminurophobia- Fear of kidney disease.

Alektorophobia- Fear of chickens.

Algophobia- Fear of pain.

Alliumphobia- Fear of garlic.

Allodoxaphobia- Fear of opinions.

Altophobia- Fear of heights.

Amathophobia- Fear of dust.

Amaxophobia- Fear of riding in a car.

Ambulophobia- Fear of walking.

Amnesiphobia- Fear of amnesia.

Amychophobia- Fear of scratches or being scratched.

Anablephobia- Fear of looking up.

Ancraophobia- Fear of wind. (Anemophobia)

Androphobia- Fear of men.

Anemophobia- Fear of air drafts or wind.(Ancraophobia)

Anginophobia- Fear of angina, choking or narrowness.

Anglophobia- Fear of England or English culture, etc.

Angrophobia - Fear of anger or of becoming angry.

Ankylophobia- Fear of immobility of a joint.

Anthrophobia or Anthophobia- Fear of flowers.

Anthropophobia- Fear of people or society.

Antlophobia- Fear of floods.

Anuptaphobia- Fear of staying single.

Apeirophobia- Fear of infinity.

Aphenphosmphobia- Fear of being touched. (Haphephobia)

Apiphobia- Fear of bees.

Apotemnophobia- Fear of persons with amputations.

Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.

Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia- Fear of spiders.

Arithmophobia- Fear of numbers.

Arrhenphobia- Fear of men.

Arsonphobia- Fear of fire.

Asthenophobia- Fear of fainting or weakness.

Astraphobia or Astrapophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning.(Ceraunophobia, Keraunophobia)

Astrophobia- Fear of stars or celestial space.

Asymmetriphobia- Fear of asymmetrical things.

Ataxiophobia- Fear of ataxia. (muscular incoordination)

Ataxophobia- Fear of disorder or untidiness.

Atelophobia- Fear of imperfection.

Atephobia- Fear of ruin or ruins.

Athazagoraphobia- Fear of being forgotton or ignored or forgetting.

Atomosophobia- Fear of atomic explosions.

Atychiphobia- Fear of failure.

Aulophobia- Fear of flutes.

Aurophobia- Fear of gold.

Auroraphobia- Fear of Northern lights.

Autodysomophobia- Fear of one that has a vile odor.

Automatonophobia- Fear of ventriloquist's dummies, animatronic creatures, wax statues - anything that falsly represents a sentient being.

Automysophobia- Fear of being dirty.

Autophobia- Fear of being alone or of oneself.

Aviophobia or Aviatophobia- Fear of flying.





Bacillophobia- Fear of microbes.

Bacteriophobia- Fear of bacteria.

Ballistophobia- Fear of missiles or bullets.

Bolshephobia- Fear of Bolsheviks.

Barophobia- Fear of gravity.

Basophobia or Basiphobia- Inability to stand. Fear of walking or falling.

Bathmophobia- Fear of stairs or steep slopes.

Bathophobia- Fear of depth.

Batophobia- Fear of heights or being close to high buildings.

Batrachophobia- Fear of amphibians, such as frogs, newts, salamanders, etc.

Belonephobia- Fear of pins and needles. (Aichmophobia)

Bibliophobia- Fear of books.

Blennophobia- Fear of slime.

Bogyphobia- Fear of bogeys or the bogeyman.

Botanophobia- Fear of plants.

Bromidrosiphobia or Bromidrophobia- Fear of body smells.

Brontophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning.

Bufonophobia- Fear of toads.

Cacophobia- Fear of ugliness.

Cainophobia or Cainotophobia- Fear of newness, novelty.

Caligynephobia- Fear of beautiful women.

Cancerophobia or Carcinophobia- Fear of cancer.

Cardiophobia- Fear of the heart.

Carnophobia- Fear of meat.

Catagelophobia- Fear of being ridiculed.

Catapedaphobia- Fear of jumping from high and low places.

Cathisophobia- Fear of sitting.

Catoptrophobia- Fear of mirrors.

Cenophobia or Centophobia- Fear of new things or ideas.

Ceraunophobia or Keraunophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning.(Astraphobia, Astrapophobia)

Chaetophobia- Fear of hair.

Cheimaphobia or Cheimatophobia- Fear of cold.(Frigophobia, Psychophobia)

Chemophobia- Fear of chemicals or working with chemicals.

Cherophobia- Fear of gaiety.

Chionophobia- Fear of snow.

Chiraptophobia- Fear of being touched.

Chirophobia- Fear of hands.

Chiroptophobia- Fear of bats.

Cholerophobia- Fear of anger or the fear of cholera.

Chorophobia- Fear of dancing.

Chrometophobia or Chrematophobia- Fear of money.

Chromophobia or Chromatophobia- Fear of colors.

Chronophobia- Fear of time.

Chronomentrophobia- Fear of clocks.

Cibophobia- Fear of food.(Sitophobia, Sitiophobia)

Claustrophobia- Fear of confined spaces.

Cleithrophobia or Cleisiophobia- Fear of being locked in an enclosed place.

Cleptophobia- Fear of stealing.

Climacophobia- Fear of stairs, climbing, or of falling downstairs.

Clinophobia- Fear of going to bed.

Clithrophobia or Cleithrophobia- Fear of being enclosed.

Cnidophobia- Fear of stings.

Cometophobia- Fear of comets.

Coimetrophobia- Fear of cemeteries.

Coitophobia- Fear of coitus.

Contreltophobia- Fear of sexual abuse.

Coprastasophobia- Fear of constipation.

Coprophobia- Fear of feces.

Consecotaleophobia- Fear of chopsticks.

Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns.

Counterphobia- The preference by a phobic for fearful situations.

Cremnophobia- Fear of precipices.

Cryophobia- Fear of extreme cold, ice or frost.

Crystallophobia- Fear of crystals or glass.

Cyberphobia- Fear of computers or working on a computer.

Cyclophobia- Fear of bicycles.

Cymophobia or Kymophobia- Fear of waves or wave like motions.

Cynophobia- Fear of dogs or rabies.

Cypridophobia or Cypriphobia or Cyprianophobia or Cyprinophobia - Fear of prostitutes or venereal disease.



Decidophobia- Fear of making decisions.

Defecaloesiophobia- Fear of painful bowels movements.

Deipnophobia- Fear of dining or dinner conversations.

Dementophobia- Fear of insanity.

Demonophobia or Daemonophobia- Fear of demons.

Demophobia- Fear of crowds. (Agoraphobia)

Dendrophobia- Fear of trees.

Dentophobia- Fear of dentists.

Dermatophobia- Fear of skin lesions.

Dermatosiophobia or Dermatophobia or Dermatopathophobia- Fear of skin disease.

Dextrophobia- Fear of objects at the right side of the body.

Diabetophobia- Fear of diabetes.

Didaskaleinophobia- Fear of going to school.

Dikephobia- Fear of justice.

Dinophobia- Fear of dizziness or whirlpools.

Diplophobia- Fear of double vision.

Dipsophobia- Fear of drinking.

Dishabiliophobia- Fear of undressing in front of someone.

Disposophobia- Fear of throwing stuff out. Hoarding.

Domatophobia- Fear of houses or being in a house.(Eicophobia, Oikophobia)

Doraphobia- Fear of fur or skins of animals.

Doxophobia- Fear of expressing opinions or of receiving praise.

Dromophobia- Fear of crossing streets.

Dutchphobia- Fear of the Dutch.

Dysmorphophobia- Fear of deformity.

Dystychiphobia- Fear of accidents.



Ecclesiophobia- Fear of church.

Ecophobia- Fear of home.

Eicophobia- Fear of home surroundings.(Domatophobia, Oikophobia)

Eisoptrophobia- Fear of mirrors or of seeing oneself in a mirror.

Electrophobia- Fear of electricity.

Eleutherophobia- Fear of freedom.

Elurophobia- Fear of cats. (Ailurophobia)

Emetophobia- Fear of vomiting.

Enetophobia- Fear of pins.

Enochlophobia- Fear of crowds.

Enosiophobia or Enissophobia- Fear of having committed an unpardonable sin or of criticism.

Entomophobia- Fear of insects.

Eosophobia- Fear of dawn or daylight.

Ephebiphobia- Fear of teenagers.

Epistaxiophobia- Fear of nosebleeds.

Epistemophobia- Fear of knowledge.

Equinophobia- Fear of horses.

Eremophobia- Fear of being oneself or of lonliness.

Ereuthrophobia- Fear of blushing.

Ergasiophobia- 1) Fear of work or functioning. 2) Surgeon's fear of operating.

Ergophobia- Fear of work.

Erotophobia- Fear of sexual love or sexual questions.

Euphobia- Fear of hearing good news.

Eurotophobia- Fear of female genitalia.

Erythrophobia or Erytophobia or Ereuthophobia- 1) Fear of redlights. 2) Blushing. 3) Red.



Febriphobia or Fibriphobia or Fibriophobia- Fear of fever.

Felinophobia- Fear of cats. (Ailurophobia, Elurophobia, Galeophobia, Gatophobia)

Francophobia- Fear of France or French culture. (Gallophobia, Galiophobia)

Frigophobia- Fear of cold or cold things.(Cheimaphobia, Cheimatophobia, Psychrophobia)



Galeophobia or Gatophobia- Fear of cats.

Gallophobia or Galiophobia- Fear France or French culture. (Francophobia)

Gamophobia- Fear of marriage.

Geliophobia- Fear of laughter.

Gelotophobia- Fear of being laughed at.

Geniophobia- Fear of chins.

Genophobia- Fear of sex.

Genuphobia- Fear of knees.

Gephyrophobia or Gephydrophobia or Gephysrophobia- Fear of crossing bridges.

Germanophobia- Fear of Germany or German culture.

Gerascophobia- Fear of growing old.

Gerontophobia- Fear of old people or of growing old.

Geumaphobia or Geumophobia- Fear of taste.

Glossophobia- Fear of speaking in public or of trying to speak.

Gnosiophobia- Fear of knowledge.

Graphophobia- Fear of writing or handwriting.

Gymnophobia- Fear of nudity.

Gynephobia or Gynophobia- Fear of women.



Hadephobia- Fear of hell.

Hagiophobia- Fear of saints or holy things.

Hamartophobia- Fear of sinning.

Haphephobia or Haptephobia- Fear of being touched.

Harpaxophobia- Fear of being robbed.

Hedonophobia- Fear of feeling pleasure.

Heliophobia- Fear of the sun.

Hellenologophobia- Fear of Greek terms or complex scientific terminology.

Helminthophobia- Fear of being infested with worms.

Hemophobia or Hemaphobia or Hematophobia- Fear of blood.

Heresyphobia or Hereiophobia- Fear of challenges to official doctrine or of radical deviation.

Herpetophobia- Fear of reptiles or creepy, crawly things.

Heterophobia- Fear of the opposite sex. (Sexophobia)

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia- Fear of the number 666.

Hierophobia- Fear of priests or sacred things.

Hippophobia- Fear of horses.

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- Fear of long words.

Hobophobia- Fear of bums or beggars.

Hodophobia- Fear of road travel.

Hormephobia- Fear of shock.

Homichlophobia- Fear of fog.

Homilophobia- Fear of sermons.

Hominophobia- Fear of men.

Homophobia- Fear of sameness, monotony or of homosexuality or of becoming homosexual.

Hoplophobia- Fear of firearms.

Hydrargyophobia- Fear of mercurial medicines.

Hydrophobia- Fear of water or of rabies.

Hydrophobophobia- Fear of rabies.

Hyelophobia or Hyalophobia- Fear of glass.

Hygrophobia- Fear of liquids, dampness, or moisture.

Hylephobia- Fear of materialism or the fear of epilepsy.

Hylophobia- Fear of forests.

Hypengyophobia or Hypegiaphobia- Fear of responsibility.

Hypnophobia- Fear of sleep or of being hypnotized.

Hypsiphobia- Fear of height.



Iatrophobia- Fear of going to the doctor or of doctors.

Ichthyophobia- Fear of fish.

Ideophobia- Fear of ideas.

Illyngophobia- Fear of vertigo or feeling dizzy when looking down.

Iophobia- Fear of poison.

Insectophobia - Fear of insects.

Isolophobia- Fear of solitude, being alone.

Isopterophobia- Fear of termites, insects that eat wood.

Ithyphallophobia- Fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis.




Japanophobia- Fear of Japanese.

Judeophobia- Fear of Jews.

The Phobia List - © 1995-2001 Fredd Culbertson


Kainolophobia or Kainophobia- Fear of anything new, novelty.

Kakorrhaphiophobia- Fear of failure or defeat.

Katagelophobia- Fear of ridicule.

Kathisophobia- Fear of sitting down.

Katsaridaphobia- Fear of cockroaches.

Kenophobia- Fear of voids or empty spaces.

Keraunophobia or Ceraunophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning.(Astraphobia, Astrapophobia)

Kinetophobia or Kinesophobia- Fear of movement or motion.

Kleptophobia- Fear of stealing.

Koinoniphobia- Fear of rooms.

Kolpophobia- Fear of genitals, particularly female.

Kopophobia- Fear of fatigue.

Koniophobia- Fear of dust. (Amathophobia)

Kosmikophobia- Fear of cosmic phenomenon.

Kymophobia- Fear of waves. (Cymophobia)

Kynophobia- Fear of rabies.

Kyphophobia- Fear of stooping.



Lachanophobia- Fear of vegetables.

Laliophobia or Lalophobia- Fear of speaking.

Leprophobia or Lepraphobia- Fear of leprosy.

Leukophobia- Fear of the color white.

Levophobia- Fear of things to the left side of the body.

Ligyrophobia- Fear of loud noises.

Lilapsophobia- Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes.

Limnophobia- Fear of lakes.

Linonophobia- Fear of string.

Liticaphobia- Fear of lawsuits.

Lockiophobia- Fear of childbirth.

Logizomechanophobia- Fear of computers.

Logophobia- Fear of words.

Luiphobia- Fear of lues, syphillis.

Lutraphobia- Fear of otters.

Lygophobia- Fear of darkness.

Lyssophobia- Fear of rabies or of becoming mad.



Macrophobia- Fear of long waits.

Mageirocophobia- Fear of cooking.

Maieusiophobia- Fear of childbirth.

Malaxophobia- Fear of love play. (Sarmassophobia)

Maniaphobia- Fear of insanity.

Mastigophobia- Fear of punishment.

Mechanophobia- Fear of machines.

Medomalacuphobia- Fear of losing an erection.

Medorthophobia- Fear of an erect penis.

Megalophobia- Fear of large things.

Melissophobia- Fear of bees.

Melanophobia- Fear of the color black.

Melophobia- Fear or hatred of music.

Meningitophobia- Fear of brain disease.

Menophobia- Fear of menstruation.

Merinthophobia- Fear of being bound or tied up.

Metallophobia- Fear of metal.

Metathesiophobia- Fear of changes.

Meteorophobia- Fear of meteors.

Methyphobia- Fear of alcohol.

Metrophobia- Fear or hatred of poetry.

Microbiophobia- Fear of microbes. (Bacillophobia)

Microphobia- Fear of small things.

Misophobia or Mysophobia- Fear of being contaminated with dirt or germs.

Mnemophobia- Fear of memories.

Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia- Fear of dirt or contamination.

Monophobia- Fear of solitude or being alone.

Monopathophobia- Fear of definite disease.

Motorphobia- Fear of automobiles.

Mottephobia- Fear of moths.

Musophobia or Muriphobia- Fear of mice.

Mycophobia- Fear or aversion to mushrooms.

Mycrophobia- Fear of small things.

Myctophobia- Fear of darkness.

Myrmecophobia- Fear of ants.

Mythophobia- Fear of myths or stories or false statements.

Myxophobia- Fear of slime. (Blennophobia)




Nebulaphobia- Fear of fog. (Homichlophobia)

Necrophobia- Fear of death or dead things.

Nelophobia- Fear of glass.

Neopharmaphobia- Fear of new drugs.

Neophobia- Fear of anything new.

Nephophobia- Fear of clouds.

Noctiphobia- Fear of the night.

Nomatophobia- Fear of names.

Nosocomephobia- Fear of hospitals.

Nosophobia or Nosemaphobia- Fear of becoming ill.

Nostophobia- Fear of returning home.

Novercaphobia- Fear of your step-mother.

Nucleomituphobia- Fear of nuclear weapons.

Nudophobia- Fear of nudity.

Numerophobia- Fear of numbers.

Nyctohylophobia- Fear of dark wooded areas or of forests at night

Nyctophobia- Fear of the dark or of night.



Obesophobia- Fear of gaining weight.(Pocrescophobia)

Ochlophobia- Fear of crowds or mobs.

Ochophobia- Fear of vehicles.

Octophobia - Fear of the figure 8.

Odontophobia- Fear of teeth or dental surgery.

Odynophobia or Odynephobia- Fear of pain. (Algophobia)

Oenophobia- Fear of wines.

Oikophobia- Fear of home surroundings, house.(Domatophobia, Eicophobia)

Olfactophobia- Fear of smells.

Ombrophobia- Fear of rain or of being rained on.

Ommetaphobia or Ommatophobia- Fear of eyes.

Omphalophobia- Fear of belly buttons.

Oneirophobia- Fear of dreams.

Oneirogmophobia- Fear of wet dreams.

Onomatophobia- Fear of hearing a certain word or of names.

Ophidiophobia- Fear of snakes. (Snakephobia)

Ophthalmophobia- Fear of being stared at.

Opiophobia- Fear medical doctors experience of prescribing needed pain medications for patients.

Optophobia- Fear of opening one's eyes.

Ornithophobia- Fear of birds.

Orthophobia- Fear of property.

Osmophobia or Osphresiophobia- Fear of smells or odors.

Ostraconophobia- Fear of shellfish.

Ouranophobia or Uranophobia- Fear of heaven.



Pagophobia- Fear of ice or frost.

Panthophobia- Fear of suffering and disease.

Panophobia or Pantophobia- Fear of everything.

Papaphobia- Fear of the Pope.

Papyrophobia- Fear of paper.

Paralipophobia- Fear of neglecting duty or responsibility.

Paraphobia- Fear of sexual perversion.

Parasitophobia- Fear of parasites.

Paraskavedekatriaphobia- Fear of Friday the 13th.

Parthenophobia- Fear of virgins or young girls.

Pathophobia- Fear of disease.

Patroiophobia- Fear of heredity.

Parturiphobia- Fear of childbirth.

Peccatophobia- Fear of sinning or imaginary crimes.

Pediculophobia- Fear of lice.

Pediophobia- Fear of dolls.

Pedophobia- Fear of children.

Peladophobia- Fear of bald people.

Pellagrophobia- Fear of pellagra.

Peniaphobia- Fear of poverty.

Pentheraphobia- Fear of mother-in-law. (Novercaphobia)

Phagophobia- Fear of swallowing or of eating or of being eaten.

Phalacrophobia- Fear of becoming bald.

Phallophobia- Fear of a penis, esp erect.

Pharmacophobia- Fear of taking medicine.

Phasmophobia- Fear of ghosts.

Phengophobia- Fear of daylight or sunshine.

Philemaphobia or Philematophobia- Fear of kissing.

Philophobia- Fear of falling in love or being in love.

Philosophobia- Fear of philosophy.

Phobophobia- Fear of phobias.

Photoaugliaphobia- Fear of glaring lights.

Photophobia- Fear of light.

Phonophobia- Fear of noises or voices or one's own voice; of telephones.

Phronemophobia- Fear of thinking.

Phthiriophobia- Fear of lice. (Pediculophobia)

Phthisiophobia- Fear of tuberculosis.

Placophobia- Fear of tombstones.

Plutophobia- Fear of wealth.

Pluviophobia- Fear of rain or of being rained on.

Pneumatiphobia- Fear of spirits.

Pnigophobia or Pnigerophobia- Fear of choking of being smothered.

Pocrescophobia- Fear of gaining weight. (Obesophobia)

Pogonophobia- Fear of beards.

Poliosophobia- Fear of contracting poliomyelitis.

Politicophobia- Fear or abnormal dislike of politicians.

Polyphobia- Fear of many things.

Poinephobia- Fear of punishment.

Ponophobia- Fear of overworking or of pain.

Porphyrophobia- Fear of the color purple.

Potamophobia- Fear of rivers or running water.

Potophobia- Fear of alcohol.

Pharmacophobia- Fear of drugs.

Proctophobia- Fear of rectums.

Prosophobia- Fear of progress.

Psellismophobia- Fear of stuttering.

Psychophobia- Fear of mind.

Psychrophobia- Fear of cold.

Pteromerhanophobia- Fear of flying.

Pteronophobia- Fear of being tickled by feathers.

Pupaphobia - Fear of puppets.

Pyrexiophobia- Fear of Fever.

Pyrophobia- Fear of fire.






Radiophobia- Fear of radiation, x-rays.

Ranidaphobia- Fear of frogs.

Rectophobia- Fear of rectum or rectal diseases.

Rhabdophobia- Fear of being severely punished or beaten by a rod, or of being severely criticized. Also fear of magic.(wand)

Rhypophobia- Fear of defecation.

Rhytiphobia- Fear of getting wrinkles.

Rupophobia- Fear of dirt.

Russophobia- Fear of Russians.



Samhainophobia: Fear of Halloween.

Sarmassophobia- Fear of love play. (Malaxophobia)

Satanophobia- Fear of Satan.

Scabiophobia- Fear of scabies.

Scatophobia- Fear of fecal matter.

Scelerophibia- Fear of bad men, burglars.

Sciophobia Sciaphobia- Fear of shadows.

Scoleciphobia- Fear of worms.

Scolionophobia- Fear of school.

Scopophobia or Scoptophobia- Fear of being seen or stared at.

Scotomaphobia- Fear of blindness in visual field.

Scotophobia- Fear of darkness. (Achluophobia)

Scriptophobia- Fear of writing in public.

Selachophobia- Fear of sharks.

Selaphobia- Fear of light flashes.

Selenophobia- Fear of the moon.

Seplophobia- Fear of decaying matter.

Sesquipedalophobia- Fear of long words.

Sexophobia- Fear of the opposite sex. (Heterophobia)

Siderodromophobia- Fear of trains, railroads or train travel.

Siderophobia- Fear of stars.

Sinistrophobia- Fear of things to the left or left-handed.

Sinophobia- Fear of Chinese, Chinese culture.

Sitophobia or Sitiophobia- Fear of food or eating. (Cibophobia)

Snakephobia- Fear of snakes. (Ophidiophobia)

Soceraphobia- Fear of parents-in-law.

Social Phobia- Fear of being evaluated negatively in social situations.

Sociophobia- Fear of society or people in general.

Somniphobia- Fear of sleep.

Sophophobia- Fear of learning.

Soteriophobia - Fear of dependence on others.

Spacephobia- Fear of outer space.

Spectrophobia- Fear of specters or ghosts.

Spermatophobia or Spermophobia- Fear of germs.

Spheksophobia- Fear of wasps.

Stasibasiphobia or Stasiphobia- Fear of standing or walking. (Ambulophobia)

Staurophobia- Fear of crosses or the crucifix.

Stenophobia- Fear of narrow things or places.

Stygiophobia or Stigiophobia- Fear of hell.

Suriphobia- Fear of mice.

Symbolophobia- Fear of symbolism.

Symmetrophobia- Fear of symmetry.

Syngenesophobia- Fear of relatives.

Syphilophobia- Fear of syphilis.



Tachophobia- Fear of speed.

Taeniophobia or Teniophobia- Fear of tapeworms.

Taphephobia Taphophobia- Fear of being buried alive or of cemeteries.

Tapinophobia- Fear of being contagious.

Taurophobia- Fear of bulls.

Technophobia- Fear of technology.

Teleophobia- 1) Fear of definite plans. 2) Religious ceremony.

Telephonophobia- Fear of telephones.

Teratophobia- Fear of bearing a deformed child or fear of monsters or deformed people.

Testophobia- Fear of taking tests.

Tetanophobia- Fear of lockjaw, tetanus.

Teutophobia- Fear of German or German things.

Textophobia- Fear of certain fabrics.

Thaasophobia- Fear of sitting.

Thalassophobia- Fear of the sea.

Thanatophobia or Thantophobia- Fear of death or dying.

Theatrophobia- Fear of theatres.

Theologicophobia- Fear of theology.

Theophobia- Fear of gods or religion.

Thermophobia- Fear of heat.

Tocophobia- Fear of pregnancy or childbirth.

Tomophobia- Fear of surgical operations.

Tonitrophobia- Fear of thunder.

Topophobia- Fear of certain places or situations, such as stage fright.

Toxiphobia or Toxophobia or Toxicophobia- Fear of poison or of being accidently poisoned.

Traumatophobia- Fear of injury.

Tremophobia- Fear of trembling.

Trichinophobia- Fear of trichinosis.

Trichopathophobia or Trichophobia- Fear of hair. (Chaetophobia, Hypertrichophobia)

Triskaidekaphobia- Fear of the number 13.

Tropophobia- Fear of moving or making changes.

Trypanophobia- Fear of injections.

Tuberculophobia- Fear of tuberculosis.

Tyrannophobia- Fear of tyrants.




Uranophobia or Ouranophobia- Fear of heaven.

Urophobia- Fear of urine or urinating.



Vaccinophobia- Fear of vaccination.

Venustraphobia- Fear of beautiful women.

Verbophobia- Fear of words.

Verminophobia- Fear of germs.

Vestiphobia- Fear of clothing.

Virginitiphobia- Fear of rape.

Vitricophobia- Fear of step-father.



Walloonphobia- Fear of the Walloons.

Wiccaphobia: Fear of witches and witchcraft.



Xanthophobia- Fear of the color yellow or the word yellow.

Xenoglossophobia- Fear of foreign languages.

Xenophobia- Fear of strangers or foreigners.

Xerophobia- Fear of dryness.

Xylophobia- 1) Fear of wooden objects. 2) Forests.

Xyrophobia-Fear of razors.



Zelophobia- Fear of jealousy.

Zeusophobia- Fear of God or gods.

Zemmiphobia- Fear of the great mole rat.

Zoophobia- Fear of animals.