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Robin is the middle of five children and was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.  She discovered reading early on and would often escape to her bedroom to read rather than watch tv. — and let's be honest, to get away from her pesky younger brother (don't worry . . . they're friends now).  

Robin served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Ukraine in 1991-1992 and moved to Utah to attend BYU. Robin currently resides in Utah with her family, using her spare time to write clean YA fantasy and convert people to Doctor Who. The Azetha Series is best described as a cross between The Lord of the Rings and Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series for young adults.

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Polishing Your Draft online Class


Polishing Your Draft: The 5 Essential Layers of Editing is a structured, step-down approach to editing your manuscript.

We often feel overwhelmed when faced with a huge task, and we lack the necessary steps to break that task down.

Polishing Your Draft will teach you how to approach your manuscript in organized layers, going from the big-picture editing of story structure and story arc all the way down to the smaller picture edits of grammar and style.

Join me as I give you the tools you will need to improve your draft and hone your skills as a writer.



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Secrets of Fathara by Robin Glassey


The Veil of Death by Robin Glassey





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