Secrets of Fathara by Robin Glassey


secrets can kill. . .

The first book in The Azetha Series is free for a limited time—you just need to tell me where to send it.

What if you found out you weren't really a princess and your parents weren't really your parents?

When Tika discovers the truth about her past, she's thrust into a world of danger and deception, not knowing who she can trust. She's forced to leave her life in the castle, packed up in a stuffy wagon in the dead of night to head to Xanti, where she hopes she'll be safe from Mortan, the rogue sorcerer who seeks her life.

But Mortan has his spies, his evil Sha'andari, and his traitors within Tika's group. For there was a reason the Elves placed Tika with King Maric and Queen Isleen, a reason Tika never felt like she belonged, and a reason Fathara desperately needs her.

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