Explore New Worlds

I used to be an alien. Yes it's true. I even had an alien card to prove it. But at some point I realized I couldn't go through the rest of my life being an alien on foreign soil, and I finally bit the bullet and applied for US citizenship. I've lived in the United States for almost 23 years now. In two years I will have lived longer in the US than I lived in Canada. And while I've lost most of my Canadian accent (much to my grandmother's horror), I've still retained a few quirks, like how I pronounce foyer with the French ay, instead of the American er, and I miss pouring gravy on my fries.

But in moving to Utah I discovered a whole new world. My husband introduced me to Lake Powell along with boating, cliff jumping, and water skiing. Powell is also one of my favorite places to take pictures and READ. And if you're like me, you love to curl up and dive into a new book and read.

Okay, this isn't me reading, but as I'm the designated family photographer no one takes pictures of me reading at Powell. :)  Before eBooks came out I would go to the library and check out up to ten books to take to Lake Powell with me. I never ended up reading all ten, but it was exciting to think that I MIGHT. 

If you're like me and you're looking forward to summer and Exploring New Worlds, let me suggest some books for you. I've teamed up with 40 Science Fiction and Fantasy My Book Cave authors and for a limited time we're offering our books for free (until May 15, 2017). You pick and choose which books you'd like to download. Download here.

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Explore new worlds and discover your next favorite author! Happy reading.