Ever since I became an author I've been looking for an opportunity to collaborate with other authors on a project. Last year when the LDS Beta Reader group announced their intentions to produce an anthology based on the theme mind games, I jumped at the chance to participate. And I had just the story: Mind Numbing. 

FBI agent, Greg Foster, wakes up Southern Utah on the side of the road with a splitting headache and bruises on his arm. It feels like this has happened before, not just once, but several times. It's more than a feeling of deja vu. Is he sick? Or is he getting close to finding Sylvia Beckman, a girl who's been missing for two years.  Discover the mystery behind Greg's trips to Lake Powell country and why he hasn't been able to find Sylvia Beckman.

Mind Games brings together the talents of twenty-five LDS authors including, Michael Young, Scott Tarbet, Carole Malone, Jenny Flake Rabe and yours truly. Because of such a unique theme, the twenty-five mind-bending stories includes ghosts, dragons, horror, fears and even romance. Are you ready for Mind Games?

Mind Games will be available for purchase March 20, 2017.

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