The suspense is already killing me as I've submitted a middle grade fantasy novel to Pitch Wars, hoping one of the amazing mentors will pick me. The manuscript, Snotty's Revenge, was an opportunity to take me back elementary school and what it was like navigate the halls of my own school, dealing with a teacher who terrified me, but at the same time having a couple of close friends at my side I looked forward to seeing everyday. The opening line in Snotty's Revenge, "What are you, stupid or something?" is based on a very real experience I had with a teacher. I've always wanted to write about it and yet because of my love of fantasy, I had to give the story a twist — so naturally Snotty is a psychic vampire who feeds off life energy. It only makes sense.  I would love to find a mentor who isn't put off by the word vampire, but gives this story a closer look.

My love for reading began when I was young when I discovered my father's science fiction/fantasy collection in the garage. At 12 I immediately fell in love with The Hobbit and the rest of The Lord of the Rings series. As a teenager I fell off the fantasy wagon and dove into romance novels, secretly reading Sweet Valley High and Harlequin books (don't tell my parents). Then my brother-in-law introduced me to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series and I was hooked on fantasy all over again. Some of my favorite middle grade books are Obert Skye's Leven Thumps series, Richard Paul Evans Michael Vey series, and Neal Shusterman's The Accelerati Trilogy. But I also love Jane Austen's works and Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre.

I have longed wanted to write a book, but never thought I would have anything worthy to write about. It has been through the roller coaster ride in my experiences as a foster/adoptive mom which pushed me into finally starting my writing career. If you know me well and you are looking carefully enough, you can see and feel some of the things I have felt over the past few years as I've navigated some challenging obstacles. And as many writers will attest to, now my insomnia has something productive to focus on.

Random facts about me: I love to eat lemons with salt on them, I hate clowns (thanks Poltergeist), I have watched The Pirate Movie over 30 times, I have never mown a lawn, and my favorite food really is french fries (preferably poutine - that's fries with gravy and cheese curds).