I’ve long been drawn to reading epic fantasy stories with reluctant heroes required to go on epic quests, but never imagined I would one day be crafting my own epic story, complete with Elves, Elementals, a strong female character, and a cowardly talking lizard named Eno I have completely fallen in love with.


But why read another epic fantasy? What’s so different about The Azetha Series? In Secrets of Fathara we meet Tika, a sixteen-year-old princess who discovers she’s not really a princess, a Human who finds out she’s not fully Human. And with this discovery her life is in danger from Mortan, an Elven sorcerer who fears her mixed heritage and the abilities it gives her will destroy him. Tika is ripped from the comfortable life she has known in the dead of night to travel to the Elven city of Xanti where she dreams she will be accepted by her real family. But dreams are sometimes just that — dreams.


Tika struggles with some of the common things many teenagers do: wanting to be accepted, wanting to be loved, the death of a loved one, and fighting with her adoptive father. But her unexpected conflict with Mortan has her facing assassins, blood-sucking vines, and other strange creatures bent on destroying her.


Secrets of Fathara lives up to its name as many hold secrets close to their hearts. Who can Tika really trust in her race for safety? Who has Mortan already turned to his side in his plans to take over Fathara?


You’ll quickly come to love Tika and all of her companions in The Azetha Series. Be sure and check them out on amazon.com.