This year I went to Salt Lake City's Comic Con for the very first time.  My wonderful husband purchased our tickets and was at my side as we attended workshops and visited the booths of talented artists and authors.  At one booth I saw an incredible leather-bound book full of blank pages that I fell in love with.  Brett convinced me that I HAD to have it.  Not sure what I would write in it, my muscle-bound husband carried it with us as we headed off to meet Brandon Sanderson.  I decided that even if I didn't write in this book, I would ask the science-fiction fantasy author if he would sign it.  He readily agreed.  His inscription: For Robin, I write big books, but this is by far the biggest I have signed!

As we drove home from Comic Con, my husband and I talked about what to do with the 900-page book.  We decided that it would be wonderful to get more signatures of authors and illustrators in the book.  And it would be even better to include the signatures of children as I go around and do presentations in schools, for they are also authors and illustrators.  I hope this book will be an inspiration to children out there - that they can reach their dreams.