Today is the day!  Get your copy of Secrets of Fathara on for yourself, for a friend or for a family member who loves sci-fi fantasy.  This first book in The Azetha Series follows Tika, a teenage girl on Fathara who discovers she is more than Human, with surprising abilities.  And all she wants to be — is normal.  

This particular project has great personal meaning to me.  It wasn't just a thought or an idea — I should sit down and write a book.  Rather, it was born of a great personal need to pour my emotions and thoughts out in a creative way.  Many stories begin with a "what if . . . ."  What if the people you trusted betrayed you?  That wasn't my "what if" — it was my reality.  I struggled with it, lived with it, and questioned it day in and day out, trying to reconcile it.  I hoped that through writing I could come to terms with it and find hope and healing.  

Life is a journey and people are not perfect.  Tragic things will happen to us that are out of our control and how we deal with those things will determine if we are heroes, victims or villains.  

This has been and continues to be an incredible journey writing this series and I hope you join in with Tika as she discovers who she is and her purpose in life.