Question:  Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Answer:  I have always wanted to write books, but I never thought of writing as a career.  In fact, my career choices have changed over the years according to what I was most interested in at the time.  I'm excited to finally be getting some of my ideas down and sharing them with others.

Question:  Who is your favorite character in your series?  

Answer:  Tahle'el is probably my favorite.  He is a gifted Elven warrior unlike any other who wishes to atone for his bloody past.  

Question:  Who was the first to read your novel?  

Answer:  Technically, the first to hear my book was my son, Gage.  But the first to read it was my father.  He is an avid science fiction fantasy fan and I knew he would give me an honest opinion.  In fact, he was upset when he got to the end and found out it was continued.  I didn't have the second book finished yet for him to read.

Question:  Where do your ideas come from?

Answer:  I get my ideas from everywhere - stories in the news, conversations with friends and family, even a simple comment from one of my sons can spark a thought or character trait that I want to add to my story.